Vigilance and local expertise are key.

Our focus is to minimize our clients’ potential exposure and ensuring they pay only their fair share of property taxes.
Our team works with you to develop a real property tax plan that fits your needs.

We offer peace of mind.
We believe property tax consulting should be based on shared mutual values, respect and trust. So whether you need to recoup past tax overpayments, minimize future tax liabilities, or hand tax compliance, our goal is to provide unrivaled property tax solutions that will impact your personal and professional success.
Since our inception in 1997, our customers have benefited from our unique approach. 

Seth Burstein 


"There is a fundamental truth about real estate and taxes, and that is; a property with less taxes is more valuable than a comparable property with more taxes"

Our mission is to free our clients from the burden of being overtaxed and freeing their capital to invest in their business.

Tax Assessment Xperts enhances the bottom-line financial performance of our clients by minimizing their real property tax liabilities.

As state and local jurisdictions tighten their policies to insure revenue growth in the wake of federal aid and other funding cutbacks, tax vigilance is critical to cost containment. The complexity of the process now negatively impacts in-house capabilities.

We are entrusted with the representation of several hundred million dollars worth of real estate. We have negotiated virtually every commercial property type from office buildings to golf courses. Our multi-property programs provide assessment review, valuation analysis and direct representation.