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Property taxes are not a fixed expense.

Property tax appeals are fundamentally a local practice, built upon an intimate knowledge of local rules and procedures and real estate values and trends. In addition, successful results frequently emanate from established working relationships with other local practitioners and municipal officials. Our local knowledge and relationships affords us a thorough understanding of the assessment grievance process to maximize results for our clients.

Our focus is helping companies and institutions increase profits by reducing the burden of excessive real estate taxes. With more than 25 years of commercial property tax appeal representation , we partner with and deploy the best locally qualified experts to provide our clients with a seamless single-service solution. 

Our ability to synchronize our efforts with the best practiced professionals is what separates us from our competitors.

Our fee is a contingency fee.  This simply means that unless we do the job and get a benefit for you, we make no fee. This includes legal services, if required in order to achieve a settlement.  If our evaluation of the case is positive, we will initiate an appeal and keep you regularly advised during what can be a lengthily process.

We are not in business to create unreasonable or unrealistic expectations. Completion of the tax negotiation and tax appeal process can, in some circumstances, take a number of years.  We certainly try to push the case forward as fast a possible, but it would be inappropriate (if not misleading) to tell you that relief can be obtained instantaneously.  The process takes time, but as a client you certainly have the right to know from us, as your tax consultant, right from the outset, whether we feel the case has some substance.  We believe this is an invaluable tool in your planning and management of the property.